Andersen ‘No-Sway’ Weight Distribution Hitch

Andersen Hitches have an almost cult like following. They are super light at only 23 kg and super effective at preventing sway, pushing the weight from the rear axels to the front axels, and reduced bouncing through the anti-bounce compression spring system. They are simply the most advanced weight distribution hitch on the road today!


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Completely revolutionary sway control and weight distribution hitch for the caravan and trailer industry in Australia!

Product Addon

  • Andersen Spare Parts – DO35 Adaptor for Andersen WDH


The Andersen Weight Distribution & Sway Control Hitch is the simplest, quietest and most advanced weight distribution hitch on the road today.

Completely revolutionary to the RV Industry! The Patented Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch comes with an adjustable 4” or 8” drop/rise shank and combines modern high grade materials, technology and innovations.  This is a first in the industry giving caravaners and trailer owners the best inbuilt ‘sway control’ and anti-bounce ‘True Motion-Dampening’ system. Which means a stress free safe easy towing experience.

Owners report that they can’t believe how smooth, safer and quiet the ride is!

The Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch allows you to reverse your caravan with complete control and is so easy to hitch or unhitch with One-pin removal from the tow vehicle.

One size fits all when sizing you’re the Andersen hitch, this means it can be interchanged from one Van to the next and can tow up to 3500kg GTM or 350kg ball weight.

The Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch is Greaseless system as the ball and coupler move as one providing Unparalleled Anti-Sway Control. Weighing in at only 23 kg the Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch is clearly a must for travelers who demand quality, safe, effortless experiences.

  • Unparalleled mechanical friction Sway Control that self-adjusts
  • So quiet you won’t even know it’s there – no rattles, clicks, squeaks or groans!
  • Patented True Motion-Dampening system – drastically reduces bounce
  • Greaseless system – ball and coupler move as one
  • Easy install – no pry bars needed! 50mm, 350kg ball included and no extras to buy
  • One-Pin removal from tow vehicle
  • Doubles as a standard ball mount for towing without weight distribution
  • 4”or 8” drop/rise adjustable shank
  • The smoothest ride around – owners are saying they can’t believe it!
  • No problem backing up – even reversing your trailer is easy.
  • No binding or locking up
  • Weighs under 23kgs
  • 3500kg ATM
  • 350kg Tongue/Ball Weight
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

NOTE:  The Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch is ONLY Compatible with 50mm Fixed Head Couplings. The Andersen will not work with ‘Hyland’ Off-Road Coupling and ‘ARK XO’ Off-Road Coupling.

Now available with optional extra Adaptor to suit DO35 offroad coupler!!

You can use a HitchEZY Offroad coupler to suit the Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch by visiting their website



Hover over the key points below to learn more about the Andersen sway control and weight distribution features…

Greaseless system - 50mm ball and coupler move as one

Downward pressure from the trailer tongue increases friction sway control inside the ball housing. So quiet you won’t even know it’s there - no rattles, clicks, squeaks or groans! Unbelievable sway control. Also available with D035 Adaptor

Heavy Duty Adjustable Shank

4”or 8” drop/rise adjustable hitch. Solid Steel 2" tongue suitable for most 2" or 50mm towbar receivers

Patented True Motion-DampeningTM system

Patented True Motion-DampeningTM system - drastically reduces bounce, giving a superior smooth driving experience.

Heavy Duty tension chain, one-pin removal from tow vehicle

Heavy Duty tension chain, easy install, with no pry bars required. Triangle Plate simply removes with One-Pin from tow vehicle. Quick effortless self adjusting weight distribution.

Clamp-on universal Bracket

Clamp-on universal Brackets, suitable for 3",4", 5" and 6" Draw bars. Two options available for either standard top mount coupling or bottom mount under-slung coupling.


The Andersen Sway Control & Weight Distribution comes in two drop shank sizes 4” or 8” depending on the height variations between the Tow Vehicle towbar receiver and Trailer coupler. These variations will vary depending on your setup, we will show you how you can measure your Tow Vehicle towbar receiver and Trailer coupler to determine what drop shank you require for your towing application.


If you have an underslung coupler mounted on your drawbar as shown you will require to purchase the 12” Extender bracket kits. These kits are marked with an ‘X’ at the end of the part number you require E.g. AN3350-AU-X or AN3380-AU-X.

Note that the underslung coupling sits lower than a standard coupling and this lower position requires the extended brackets.




4” Drop Standard – Andersen ‘No-Sway’ Weight Distribution Hitch

8” Drop Standard – Andersen ‘No-Sway’ Weight Distribution Hitch



Andersen AU Andersen AUX
Offroad Coupling Type:  Hyland, McHitch, Tregg – Poly Block No No
Offroad Coupling DO35
(Only with Optional Extra – AN3035 DO35 Adaptor)
Yes Yes
Ball Type: Standard 50mm Ball, AL-KO 50mm Off-Road & low profile couplers, Hitchezy tow pillar Yes Yes
Underslung Coupling (Mounted bottom or centre of A-Frame) No Yes
Standard Coupling (Mounted top of A-Frame) Yes No
Built in Anti-sway? Yes–Via friction cone in the Housing Yes – Via friction cone in the   Housing
Weight Distribution Yes Yes
3500 Kg GTM Capacity Yes Yes
Unhitch to Reverse Reverse Friendly – Can be left connected Reverse Friendly – Can be left connected
Adjustable Shank Height Yes Yes
Jockey Wheel mounted on Outside of A-Frame Yes – Can be installed inside A-Frame Yes – Can be installed inside A-Frame
Jockey Wheel mounted on inside of A-Frame Yes Yes
Drop Shank  – Able to drill extra receiver hole Yes – Holes must be at least 34mm Center to Center Yes – Holes must be at least 34mm Center to Center
ESC Compatible Yes Yes




If you buy a Sway Control Hitch and it turns out it is not the one that is best suited to your vehicle, do not worry.

Sway Control Hitches offers a full 30-day money back guarantee. Or we can exchange it for a different size.


19 reviews for Andersen ‘No-Sway’ Weight Distribution Hitch

  1. Lionel Baars

    I’ve been using the Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch for two years now. I have found the WDH to be of good quality and safe reliable performance. When using the WDH for the first time I couldn’t believe how planted the van and car felt. I still experience crosswind sway but nowhere near as it has been in the past. I would totally recommend the Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch for peace of mind and a more enjoyable towing experience. I purchased my hitch from TitanRV, it arrived very quickly after the order was placed and the right product for my needs was addressed via a quick phone call to TitanRV. I’m very happy with my purchase and the service from TitanRV.

  2. Julie Wood

    Finally got my Andersen hitch set up. Wow, what a difference to towing my van. Bought this on recommendation of another and I’m so glad I did. Had to change my Akko hitch to a fixed coupling but so be it. Thanks guys for a wonderful product. One question, I have trailer stability on my car, a 2017 ranger, should I turn that off?

  3. Andrew & Rebecca Harris

    Ashley, just thought we would drop you a note about how impressed we are with your company.

    1st a quick reply from you re the cone wear.
    2nd we took your advise and ordered the upgrade kit Monday 16/1 after 5pm
    3rd You shipped very quickly – Wed 18/1
    4th We received it in Townsville Fri 20/1 (even though the Bruce Hwy was cut most of the week)

    The 1st Andersen hitch is approx. 10 yrs old and has done over 50,000 klms, so the cost of the upgrade was not unexpected.

    We have recommended the Andersen to many people and a couple have had the squealing cone issue that you replaced no questions asked.

    I work in a customer service role and get many cranky customer calls so that is why I wanted pass on a “very happy customer” to you and your company.

    Have a prosperous 2023 – Andrew

    Thank you
    Andrew & Rebecca Harris

  4. Ashley

    Thanks for the nice feedback Chris. So many owners who have the Andersen Hitch swear by them.

  5. Chris Dally

    A product that actually works. Having been passed by many b doubles and road trains the van has now swayed an inch out of line. The staff and their service is brilliant with a spare being delivered way faster than I expected.

  6. Pat

    Purchased an Andersen weight distribution kit when I purchased my last Van, 24 months ago, I thought the tow vehicle was doing a good job without them, I finally used the Andersen weight distribution on our recent lengthy vanning trip and could not believe the much better handling than previous, will always use them, great product.

  7. Eric

    I purchased my Andersen Hitch a few years ago elsewhere and have been using it for some time. “Experts” tell me i do not need a weight distribution hitch with my combination. What i do know is the difference with and without the Andersen Hitch. A far smoother, stress free easy drive with the hitch connected. It apparently isn’t needed but i use it every time.

  8. Robert

    A big thank you to Anderson Hitches in the USA and Titan RV in Australia My hitch started making noises when turning, even though the hitch is second hand to me and over ten years old After googling ,the problem was found to be a worn friction bush Emailed Andersen hitches in USA, they contacted Titan Rv aus who in turn contacted me to check some model details Titan send out a replacement bush after checking I had the tools to remove the old bush and fit the new one , which was posted Express that day all at no charge to me Great work Andersen and Titan RV

  9. Ashley

    Thanks Mick, nice feedback on the Andersen hitch. Everyone who has one swears by them.

  10. Mick

    Couldn’t believe the difference this set up made, the van just sits there and doesn’t move ,all I can say it’s unbelievable, what a difference it makes ,you can set the WD from basically nothing to what ever suits you with out jeopardising the AS at all
    What I like about it it’s purely a mechanical device and no electronics involved in the AS so reliability when it’s need most can’t fail, top job guys 👌👌👌👌👌

  11. Bob Whalan

    Had mine on the Ranger and 22 Ft van since 2016. Best purchase i ever made. About to change to a 2021 Dmax so we will see how that performs. I wouldnt use any othe WDH system.

  12. Ashley

    Good to hear Fritz. Everyone who has the Andersen hitch just loves it.

  13. Frits Jansen (verified owner)

    Just fitted the Andersen Hitch. I can not believe the difference in the handling of the car and the feel when towing the caravan. Definitely no more fear. Only tried it out for about 40 kilometres but the difference is amazing on the bumpy roads of South Gippsland.Thank you Titan rv for getting me the hitch quickly.

  14. David perkins

    Brilliant I have hade mine for 4 years
    So easy to attach and quite love the fact it all stays on the van great product

  15. Ian Brown (verified owner)

    Thanks for your prompt service in getting this order dispatched and its prompt arrival it enabled me to set it up and give it a test run before heading off on a longer trip.
    I was very impressed with the handling of the combination car and caravan. All the measurements worked out good with virtually not having to make any changes to the set up as it was when assembled by the instructions.


    Ian Brown

  16. Rod

    Had mine since 2016. It’s like the vans on rails!
    Rod Walker

  17. Glen

    I have got one on my van it does everything they advertise also you don’t have to disconnect to reverse. Would not be without it.
    Glen Fischer

  18. June

    We have had them for 3 years and dose everything thing they say. Happy customer!
    June Weissel

  19. Neil Primmer

    Andersen hitch only way to go ??
    Neil Primmer

  20. Neil Primmer

    Had this on my van for 7 years done 140000 k great set up got rid of Hayman Reece hitch it was no good and noisey ?
    Neil Primmer

  21. Stephen

    I have had a Andersen weight distribution hitch with sway control for 3 years and would not use anything else, the best on the market in my opinion. ???
    Stephen Hawkless

  22. Anja

    Sounds more like it should be compulsory, rather than those breakaway systems, prevention is better than cure!
    Graham Meade

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